Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Leigh Scott on...Leigh Scott

I've gained a bit of a rep for striking back at people online who mock, talk trash, or are general trolls about my films and filmmaking skills. It's fun, funny, and slightly therapeutic. Additionally, my online antics have actually led to several online friendships and expanded my fan base. All in all, not a bad strategy and one that I do not regret.

An uber fan recently sent me a photo of himself posing with a DVD copy of every film I've ever made (he even had a German version of my first movie, BEACH HOUSE, which has never been released in the US). He asked me to sign a DVD, which I did, and then asked a simple question: "You don't really like all of your movies do you?".

Of course, he was responding to the fact that I've defended much of my work online. As a fan, and one of the few people who has seen them all, he can judge the strengths and weaknesses of the works, individually and as a whole.

So, here is my answer, no Todd, I don't like them all. Not in the least. If you comb through the IMDB and other assorted sites, you will see that I only defend certain films while I've never commented on others.

In watching Leigh Scott movies, you have to understand that I don't take everything very seriously. If you're watching something and it could either be a joke or simply a stupid mistake, it's probably a joke. I'm a big fan of Joss Wheedon and love inside humor. My first two movies were comedies. Of my past films, I'd say only two or three are deadly serious. The others should be viewed in an "Army of Darkness" sort of fun way.

So here are my thoughts, movie by movie. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


Art House
-My second film and an official selection of the US Comedy Arts Fest in Aspen, Colorado. Notable for its Adam Carolla cameo and hilarious performance by Chris Hardwick.

Frankenstein Reborn
-A well received and inventive film. Like all low-budget films, it has its flaws, but the acting is solid, effects are good and the story puts a modern spin on the old story. And, fyi, the drug and sex thing was a reference to Shelley's real life and the era in which she lived. They're not there just to get in some lesbianism and shocks.

The Beast of Bray Road
-It's a comedy. I was never happy that the film was re-edited to move around some of the deaths. I felt it worked better as more of a mystery that led up to a savage reign of terror. Jeff Denton is great in it.

Dracula's Curse
-A personal favorite. I love the complexity of the world and the colorful characters. Eliza Swenson, Rhett Giles, Sarah Hall and Tom Downey are great in it. Again, budget kills you, but you do your best. I just watched it the other day and I still enjoy it.

The 9/11 Commission Report
-One of my few "serious" films. It's slightly conservative bent turns some people off, but again, I'm very proud of it.

Chrome Angels
-You haven't seen it yet...but you will.

The Dunwich Horror
-Another film you will soon see on the Sci-fi channel, this one is tough. Lovecraft is a beast, and the purists are relentless. But, as with Frankenstein, you read the work and try to capture the "essence" of the story more than obsess about the details. The acting in this film rocks, and the cinematography and locations are a huge step up from my previous work.

Exorcism: The Possession Of Gail Bowers
-My cheapest film (budget wise) but one of the best. Simple, straightforward, and creepy. The 20 minute exorcism at the end was one of my favorite shooting experiences.

The Hitchhiker
-A dark, dark movie. I'm still not comfortable watching it. I guess that means I did a good job. Oh, and watch for the Jay Ferris death scene, one of the best effects EVAH.

Something got lost in the translation on these movies. They started off with good ideas....and then went somewhere else.

-Call it Robot Wars, fix the CGI and fix the audio, then come talk to me. And hey, if it came out in 1987 I would have won an Oscar

Flu Bird Horror
-Well executed, but its just silly. It was a great experience making it though!

-Needed more locations...and a decent Dragon. Eliza's witch character and Matt Wolf are great though...they just deserved a better movie.


Ok, no excuses...I fucked up.

Hillside Cannibals
-What is this movie? Ok, I'll admit it, I was prepping Dracula's Curse and didn't really care. There really wasn't a script. We sort of made it up as we went along. I've never actually seen it all the way through. I didn't edit it and I feel asleep during the mix. Sorry. I know, I'm a schmuck.

Pirates of Treasure Island
-Ok, this one pissed me off. We started off making a "fun" pirate movie that slowly decended into comedy. The producers didn't watch the dailies until day 10 of 12. They called me and said "Oh, um, hey, this can't be a comedy...fix it!" Oh, and they wanted giant CGI bugs in the movie. I give up!!! One day I will find a way to release my edit of the COMEDY that we made so people can watch that instead of the bizzare, cheap, non-sensical film that you can rent today.

King of the Lost World
-So close, but so far.... This movie is sunk by more lame CGI and a script that alternates stupidity with boredom. A lot of fun making it though! And the actors really did try their best. It was just far too ambitious for the time constraints and budget (which could be said for a lot of these movies).

So, there you have it. My honest feelings about what I've done....Do you agree?

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Borja Pascual said...

I'm with you, but I liked King of the lost World. Sure, it was a little boring, but had a nice cinematography. Exorcism, though, disappointed me because of the unrealistic way it depicted the exorcisms.

One daring question, mr. Scott, why do you care so much about those who bash you, while I have sent you four e-mails wanting to contact you (since I'm an amateur filmmaker seeking your advice and a fan of yours) and got no answer? I know it sounds kinda obsessive, and that you're a busy man, but c'mon, you seem to pay more attention to your bashers than to your fans.